Use of Modular Office Furniture

When it comes to offices and company outlets or showrooms, it’s not always certain that the offices will operate from the same location for the entire future and it’s very much possible that soon the office administration will need to transfer the office to another location or building. In that case, when there is too much stuff to shift i.e. office supplies, instruments, work machines, record files and computers, office administrator tend to have fewer responsibilities in order to arrange the stuff at another location or even building.

This is where modular office furniture comes in to rescue. If we explain this furniture type in very simple words, it’s the furniture that is easy to lift, shift, arrange and put together in different environments. For example, you can shift your home lounge couches and tables to another place but you can’t put this furniture in a bedroom because it’s made for the lounge. This is the difference in modular office furniture that it’s not supposed to be placed in a specific location and if you have placed it in the meeting room for the first time, you can certainly arrange it in the waiting room or office kitchen too.

Modular Office Furniture

Types of modular office furniture:

  • 4 seated cluster with full divider
  • 3 seated cluster with low partition
  • 1 seat cluster of lower divider
  • 4 seated zigzag cluster with low divider
  • 2 seated high partition
  • Furniture with folding options
  • Multipurpose workstations
  • Hybrid forms of modular furniture

Benefits of modular office furniture:

First of all, modular office furniture is very easy to shift as it’s not made with the traditional material i.e. steel, iron or wood but most of the time, light weighted plywood is used to make this furniture’s units. This way it’s very light to lift, pack and shift to another location. Also it’s very convenient too to shift and carry the furniture to another location as you can disassemble the furniture units in smaller parts and when you reach your destination, you can again reassemble the parts to one unit.

Another big advantage of modular office furniture is that in offices, it’s very common that the staff changes and they always need different sitting plans. For example, in beginning, an office needs 12 seats in the meeting room and 10 seats in the office lounge but after a while when the company hires more staff, it’s necessary to take 2 seats from the meeting room and arrange them in the common workstation. With modular office furniture, this part is very easy as you can put the furniture in any location and environment and it will always look compatible with the surroundings.

As we have discussed above that this furniture is made with light weighted material which is easy to find, that also explains that this furniture is very cost effective too. The offices or companies that have just started their operations and can’t afford to spend a lot on the office furniture, they can benefit a lot from this cheaper modular office furniture which is easy and cheap to buy and it also has very good resale value in the market.

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