11 Free Address List Templates

Download these 11 Free Address List Templates in order to prepare and print your own Address List at ease and comfort.

In this day and age of computers, Address Lists are of paramount importance. Here are some Address List format guidelines for the one who needs their contacts in a well settled way. If you want to mail somebody, the first thing you need to know is who you want to send the message to, the message itself, and you need an Address List. An Address List is a collection of mail recipients. An Address List can have components like users, groups, contacts, room and equipment resources, and public folders. An Address List makes it easier to find resources and recipients. Address Lists are dynamic. When a new employee joins an organization, their name and address get automatically updated in the Address List.

An Address List must have some important and necessary information about a person. Their name, title or designation, business phone number, location, and email id.  Address Lists are found in the active directory. Address Lists can be created online or offline.

Free Address List Templates

Here are 11+ free Address List Templates in MS Excel, MS Word and in PDF Format to let you prepare and print your own Address Book easily.

address list template 01

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If you prefer to have a long sheet in list format to input very detailed contact information, then here is one such Address Book Template for your quick assistance.

address list template 02

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Another similar kind of Address List or Address Book as per your requirements of detailed contact information. You can also sort them out by any column as a core feature of MS Excel.

address list template 03

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Here is a wonderful Contact Form to list down very important contact numbers in case of emergency. Usually, you need to print it out and display it on a prominent place for quick access.

address list template 04

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Checkout this MS Excel Address List Template that can enable you to input and store Club Committee Information for quick and immediate contact. You can specify Designation of a Member along with its detailed contact details. You can also include further information with Y/N options.

address list template 05

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If you are dealing with Customers in your Business and want to keep a record of your important customers. Following Customer Contact List Template can help you in such situation so that you can easily contact your customers in case of an urgent need to communicate important information.

address list template 06

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Another simple yet very effective Address List Template to enable you to quickly create an index of your important contacts. It contains key information such as Name, Title, Organisation, Phone (Office & Personal Mobile) along with Email and Office address.

address list template 07

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The Advantages of Address List Templates

The use of address list templates has been in use for quite some time now, and the reasons for its popularity are many. A well-defined mailing list is a necessary component for successful marketing campaigns. However, the benefits of address list templates may not be clear to you yet. So let’s go through them one by one and explore their true meaning. First of all, you should know that it is a relatively simple task to create a customized mailing list. It doesn’t require the services of an expensive professional to do so, in fact anyone can do it if they have the right instructional tools at hand.


When it comes to mailing list maintenance, templates are the first option that comes to mind. This is because templates provide a great way to maintain consistency in your lists. For example, if you have a weekly mailing list, it would be very unhelpful to introduce a new product in each week. As much as possible, it should remain the same – keep the same product theme in your emails. This is where the advantages of templates shine through: using pre-designed templates allows you to maintain consistency while establishing brand recognition.


So, what are the other advantages of address list templates? There are actually a number of benefits, but we will talk about two of the most important ones in this article. First, let’s talk about list building and then let’s discuss how you can use templates to build up your own mailing list.


One of the primary goals of an effective mailing list management is to build up a targeted subscriber base. If you send unsolicited mailings, you will drive away potential customers, no matter how great your product or service is. Therefore, a mailing list is one of the most effective ways to build up a responsive mailing list. With a targeted subscriber base, you will be able to increase the revenues of your sales without having to spend more money on advertising. With this kind of increase in profits, you will have more time to focus on your business growth.


Another advantage of using templates is the amount of work you will save. You do not have to think of catchy phrases for your advertisements, write thousands of words in your sales letter or create graphics. All you need to do is enter the addresses of your leads into a pre-defined database. From there, you only have to enter your products or services to encourage the customers to fill out the opt-in form. This is the biggest advantage of address list management: the less effort you put into creating your promotional material, the more chance that your customer will fill it out.


These are just two of the many advantages of utilizing templates to manage your mailing list. If you are still interested, you can find more information on how to create your own mailing list using address list templates. Just remember that there are a lot of other advantages as well, so do not be daunted by all the things that you will be spending extra time on when creating your marketing materials.

Another useful Contact List for your quick review and assistance to create your own Address List easily.

address list template 08

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One more detailed Contact List Sheet in MS Excel format to help you create your own Address Book effectively.

address list template 09

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A very simple and Basic Address List Template in MS Word format.

address list template 10

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Address Cards or Contact Cards

Here is a simple yet effective Address Card Template to help you to prepare your own Address Book quickly.

address list template 11

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There are some Address Lists by default (templates). For example, all contacts, all distribution lists, all rooms, all users, default global Address List, and public folders. All contacts include all mail-enabled contacts in an organization. Mail-enabled contacts are those having an external mail id. All distribution lists include mail-enabled groups. For example, mail-enabled security groups, dynamic distribution groups, and normal distribution groups in an organization. Mail-enabled distribution group makes it easier to send a message to all members of that group without having to send an email to each and every member separately. ‘All rooms’ is a collection of all contacts that have been designated to one room by an organization. In a room, a resource can be scheduled by sending the members a meeting request. All users are all the email-enabled users in an organization. All email-enabled users have an external email id. This user is usually outside the exchange organization. Default global Address List consists of mail-enabled users, groups, contacts, or rooms in an organization. Default Address Lists are created during setup. GAL or global Address List comprises all recipients in an exchange organization. Public folders comprise all public folders in an organization. Access permission is given only to certain people.

You can create an Address List for the convenience of the people using it. If all recipients are added in the default Address List, it could get difficult for people to find what they are looking for. This is why customizing an Address List is a good idea. Address Lists can also have sub-categories. These are called hierarchical Address List.

There are some things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to creating Address Lists. Firstly, they shouldn’t be too many in number. Users may get confused about which one they should use. Address Lists should be used for looking for recipients in GAL. An Address List should be named in such a way that the users should be able to tell which recipient types are included in it just by taking a look at it. If an Address List cannot be named appropriately, inform users that they can look up recipients in GAL easily.