07 Free Menu Planner Templates

A Menu Planner is a list of the food items to be prepared for any big event. Usually Menu Planners are widely used by event management companies for organizing birthday parties, wedding, baby shower etc. The planning is done between two parties i.e. the company or the management team and the customer. When there is a grand event to be organized, casual approach doesn’t work. You have to work systematically and pre-plan the major things. The most important of all is the food menu.

Before going to the food menu, the priority is the Menu Planner. This is a kind of format prepared prior to the menu to set an approach and gives a way to proceed further. A Menu Planner format is not complex but you must match up to the current trend. Hence, below are certain Menu Planner design trends that will prove useful to prepare an effective Menu Planner.

Using Menu Planner Templates

A Menu Planner can be designed easily only if you are clear about the event. Customize the format as per the celebration, because if the plan is to be set for a wedding, gathering will be huge and so the responsibility. Most important things to be included are the number of days the event lasts, number of times to be served, variety of dishes, number of guests and the ingredients to be used.

Since, a lot of things come into picture, it is better to prepare a table format. The top of the page consists of the name of the event and below that mention the number of days and guests. If it is a one day event, there is no issue but if the event is for 2-3 days, try to plan the menu separately for all three days. For each day, mention the number of times, the dishes are to be served and the number of guests for each serving. The ingredients that will be used can also be mentioned in a section next to the name of the dish. This will help you know the quantity to be purchased. Since, the catering company also takes care about the plates and quantity, it is very important to estimate the amount of dishes to be made so that wastage is limited.

Advantages of Menu Planner Templates

Thus, the Menu Planner is viewed as a table which gives all details as mentioned above. Ensure that even if a dish is repeated in more than one serving, mention it separately every time. Further, to avoid confusion, you can also put check boxes along the ingredients to be purchased and the dishes to be prepared. And you can put a tick as you purchase the item required and also as soon as the dish is prepared.

Moreover, to avoid any discrepancies, you can get the Menu Planner signed by the authorized person (in the name of the person who is conducting the event). It is better to prepare the Menu Planner on any digital medium and also to get a print out along with it. As soon as you update it, you can always notify the authorized person about the progress through email or by sending the image via any social media.

Free Menu Planner Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Menu Planner Templates in MS Word format,


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The Benefits Of Menu Planner Templates

There are many benefits of menu planner templates that can be used in the planning of any event or gathering. With the increase in technology and sophistication today, there are many things that people would like to organize. From weddings to birthday parties to reunions, a simple set of event plans can make your life easier in more ways than one. In this brief article, we will cover the top five benefits of using these templates as well as other tips for better event planning.

One of the main reasons why people choose to use these type of plans is that it helps to eliminate much of the stress involved with such matters as selecting decorations, menu and beverages. One of the main concerns when it comes to planning an event of this scale is how much preparation time you will have. These templates eliminate this, allowing you to move quickly through the steps and not worry about things being broken or needing to be adjusted. You simply print out the required documents and then proceed as per the plan. Some planners also allow you to tailor the template to meet your particular needs, which again makes it very flexible for any type of gathering.

Another benefit is that planners make use of a standard format that allows them to be used effectively in any type of gathering. This means that the process of planning will go much smoother and without any problems arising. You will be able to plan without having to worry about converting lists into different formats. You will find that the planners are extremely easy to use, and you will not have any issues with finding what you need or trying to coordinate various elements. They are also very adaptable and useful for various types of gathering.

The planners can also be downloaded quickly and easily, and you will not have any difficulties when it comes to downloading the required documents. This makes them ideal for those planning on attending a gathering in a short period of time. You can use them for all type of meetings, even those that last for a short period of time. You will be able to use the software with ease, and it is often one of the most widely used planning software.

You should make sure that you have all the information that you need before you begin using the software. You can obtain these from a variety of sources, and they include manuals, guides, and online websites. When you make use of the internet, you can access a wide range of resources that focus on the benefits of menu planner templates. These include tips and advice from professionals in the field.

Planning can be a breeze when you make use of the benefits of menu planner templates. You can easily organize a meeting, and you will be able to use the software with ease. This is the perfect solution if you want to simplify planning activities.