Enterprise Office Design: Consistent Theme is the Key

Enterprise is said to be any company or organization which might be having some business of buying, selling, production or any form of business. The enterprises vary from the business they do that’s why their office designs or layouts must be different from other enterprises.  The offices are built according to the nature of the business done by the enterprise. The enterprise office design is limited it can vary according to the business that enterprise runs.

Enterprise Office Design/Layout Tips:

Office Location:

Before going to start your enterprise office you must ensure that where you are going to set your enterprise office. If you are running some industry then your office can be near to your industry, but you can build the office far from your office as well. It depends upon the requirements and nature of the business.

Office Area:

The office area required for your enterprise would depend on your business requirement. Choose area that meets the requirement for your business procedures. Suppose if you are a company providing air transport then your office area would be normal, but if you are an automobile company then your office area would be large.

Enterprise Office Design

Office Furniture:

The office furniture should be according to your enterprise business nature. If your enterprise doesn’t need the interaction of the employees then placing desks next to each other like a train track would be effective, but if your enterprise looking for the group interaction then the furniture must be place to fulfill the needs of the groups. You can have both type of furniture for your enterprise depending upon the nature and requirements of your enterprise.

Try to put desks of the employees near the windows form where light and fresh air can come inside the office. This could put an impressive effect on the employee.


The enterprises carry receptionist, whenever some new client come to the enterprise they guide and counsel them by their receptionist. The placement of the receptionist in your enterprise office should be at front door, anybody coming to office should get the counseling of the receptionist easily.

The CEO Room:

The CEO room must be differ position in the office. It must be easy for a new person to reach it easily directions should be provided for that.

The Meeting Hall:

Your enterprise office must be having a large room or a meeting hall for the meetings to be conducted by the CEO or higher authorities when needed.

Product Sample and Demo:

Your enterprise must be having a product sample department where you can show the sample of the product to the clients if you are product selling enterprise, but if you are a service providing enterprise then you can give the demo of your service provision.


Your enterprise must be having a canteen, mostly enterprise keep large of numbers employees so they would defiantly need a canteen to support your employees.


Well this is more important for enterprises prospective, when dealing with many employees so this is most important need of your enterprise office. It must be place at some side point of your office which would not be disturbing any employee.

Freedom to Move:

Your enterprise office must be having freedom of movement. There must be clear paths allocated for the people to move inside the enterprise.