Business Meeting Minutes Templates

Meeting minutes are important part of all types of meetings because these are recorded to keep track of all decision made during the meeting. Meeting minutes help you to analyze important decisions taken in the meeting. It is really crucial for all formal and semi-formal meetings to help attendees to resolve the important matters of the organization. Proper record of all meeting minutes will help you to get the reference of previous meetings while solving important matters. Preparation of meeting minutes look like a boring activity to common persons therefore these should be taken by those persons who know the procedures of taking meeting minutes. Method of minute recording depends on the formality of the congregation that is being held. Different formal and corporate meetings have rigorous rules that are necessary to follow each time.

Free Business Meeting Minutes Templates

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Tips to Write Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes serve as important document while taking different important decisions for the sake of organization. Following are some tips to write meeting minutes that will surely help you to prepare useful meeting minutes:

  • In first step, you have to prepare a special format to record minutes of the meeting. It will serve as the guideline for future minute takers and you will surely get well written meeting minutes.
  • Every meeting minute format features some things in common including date, time, place, name of the presenter, types of business meeting, details of committees or officer, important discussed matters and record of any vote that occurred.
  • Try to include confidential details in the meeting minutes instead of writing every point of discussion in detail because meeting minutes are used as reference purpose only. You have to record important circumstances and decisions taken in the business meeting.
  • You have to assign this task to a responsible person in advance so that he/she can record all important details according to pre-designed format. It is the responsibility of minute taker to transcribe and distribute meeting minutes to the important persons of the organization.
  • You have to make sure that the original notes are securely preserved in the permanent record of meeting minutes in order to use them in future.
  • Prepare different copies of meeting minutes for distribution such as share copies of notes with fundraising committee for further discussion and for the organization of upcoming event.
  • Meeting minutes should be clearly written in easy to understandable language. It is necessary to send these minutes to concerned members in timely manner. Verify and approve your meeting minutes before the commencements of next meeting.
  • Meeting minutes should be kept in the permanent record after getting approved and signed by the president. These are necessary to take after board of directors, social club or community meeting in order to keep proper record of decisions taken in the business meeting.

Conducting International Business Meeting

International meeting can be quite different from an ordinary meeting therefore its requirements are quite different also. It does not matter whether you are angling with a new customer or want to crack a deal with foreigner supplier you always require to talk with those people. It can be challenging to organize a meeting with those people who are from other country but with the help of latest technology and resources you can do this. You have to plan a perfect location for the meeting with all important technologies and accessories in order to make your meeting successful. Meeting attendees and technologies are equally important for the success of meeting because important tools and accessories make it easy for your participants to express their point of view. International meetings require following some etiquettes that have great contribution in the success of international business meeting.

Etiquettes of Communication

  • People of different areas and cultures are usually invited in the international business meetings that can be a solemn barrier while communication with these customer.
  • It is necessary to arrange an interpreter to make your communication easy with all people. An interpreter is also necessary to greet the attendees of different cultures in their own style.
  • It is necessary to address formally to your guests with the help of surnames because it is not acceptable to use first names of international customers.
  • If you want to put great impression on your guests then you have to research traditional greetings for the country you are dealing with to welcome them in their own style.

Meeting Attires

  • You have to dress professionally and self-effacingly in international meetings according to the norms of the area. Women can wear skirts and hosiery while men should opt to wear well-tailored suits. Length of the skirt should reach at least to the knees because less than that looks awkward.
  • You can keep important accessories with you including briefcase, portfolio and important extensions of your attire. Keep professional looking accessories with you because any spiral notebook and gnawed-on pencil will look unprofessional and disrespectful.
  • Your professional look will benefit you in flight also by making your prominent among others. You can make a powerful connection with others during your flight.

Body Language

  • Your body language is really important because in professional atmosphere it matter a lot. You have to research about body languages of other countries also to behave well in international meeting.
  • In some culture, it looks offensive to show the soles of your feet so you have to research about the body language issues of different countries according to the participants of your business meetings.
  • Do not place your hands on your lap while business meeting and not even tries to cross your legs because it means you are ignoring the speaker in the meeting. Keep your hands on the table at all the time to convey an honest message.
  • It is necessary to focus on the speaker because lots of hand gestures and head nods are not appreciative while business meeting.