Leather Office Chairs – Pros & Cons

While talking about the leather office chairs, there aren’t specific types of these chairs in the market as we can find in other materials such as wood and steel. Leather chairs are classified only by the type and quality of leather used for making the chair. There are several types of leathers around the world and some of them are very expensive where most are cheaper for common uses. The type of leather for your office chairs depends on your budget and the amount in your hands that you can spend on the chairs for your office.

Another category in these chairs is the frame manufacturing. Most of the time, leather office chairs are made with steel and aluminum frames which are light weight to lift and shift and very durable too but you can also arrange for customized wooden framed leather chairs for your office but you will have to pay more than usual for these chairs.

Leather Office Chair

Advantages of leather office chairs:

  • The first advantage of leather office furniture is that leather is supposed to be very eco friendly which means it’s easy to use and very convenient to put in any environment and surroundings.
  • Leather is supposed to be very durable as compared to other types of manufacturing materials such as PVC or cotton.
  • Leather furniture is very easy to prepare in any color, shape, design and size that you want. If you have a big office, you can order for long couches and hydraulic office chairs with long back supports and if you have low furniture budget, you can certainly ask for short or small chairs that are made with less quantity of leather.
  • Leather furniture is finished with stitching which looks more decorative and beautiful. This is the reason that leather is the only option for expensive car interiors such as BMW or Audi.
  • Another big advantage of leather office chair is that it’s very easy to clean. There are possibilities that you will spill drinks and beverages on the chair but as it’s made with leather, it won’t soak any moisture and you can just clean it with tissue paper or dry cloth.
  • Pure leather doesn’t crack even if you use it for several years.

Leather Office Chairs

Disadvantages of leather office chairs:

  • The most important and common disadvantage of leather office chairs is that these chairs are made with non-breathable materials which means if you sit on this chair for 2-3 hours, your back will sweat a lot.
  • If the polish is cracked on the surface of the leather, it’s not possible to repair it and you will need to change the entire chair.
  • Once leather is used in a chair, there is no way to recycle it which means you can’t use it for any other purpose afterwards.
  • The leather is very delicate and it’s possible that you can scratch the chair with your keys even if they are in your pocket.
  • Many people are allergic to real leather which creates a big problem in offices.