Guidelines for Managing Office Space

To make a better use of the office space you have to plan about the space you have for your office. Plan and determine the total space you have, note the dimensions of the whole space and the dimensions of the rooms separately as well. Plan about your budget, the time required for the completion of the work, workers required for that. Plan how you can utilize maximum of the space and put more stuff to your office.

The Use of Furniture:

The use of furniture can be very decisive in managing the office space. The correct use of the furniture would add beauty to the office. Placing furniture on right place will provide the room to move inside the office. Don’t use large desks if your work can be done with small tables. Try to use a bit tiny size of furniture if you are to make sitting arrangement for many people. Use double side table instead of single large tables on which just a single person can work, but on double side table two person can work on it easily.

Reduction of Irrelevant Items:

Managing Office SpaceIf you are going to set up new office space then go for the relevant things about your business. And leave all the irrelevant things which are not concerned with business. If you are having a running business then take a look at your office space are all the things relevant to the business. All the stuff present here is being used by you or not? if yes then keep them otherwise remove them from the office space. This would make the office wide, clean and you can put more relevant items to your office space.

Making the Priority:

To make the office space more effective and productive you have to make the list of the stuff place at your office which you use the most and the stuff which is not being used by you often. Make the priority list of the stuff. Mark the stuff which you use most and keep them, remove the stuff which is not being used or less used by you. Try to put the stuff which has got most priority to be placed in the office, and remove the stuff with lowest priority.


When you would reduce and prioritize the stuff then you would require now the organization of the remaining stuff of the office. The organization would require some special attention of you for organization you may take the several steps:

  • Storage: The things which are merely used can be stored to nearly placed drawers or desks.
  • Desk Items: Try to put all the desk items on the desk like pencil, notebook and computer stuff.
  • Displaying the Things: Display the things like books and other record files into shelves.

Lightning Effect:

The lightning effect is important while talking about managing the office space. If you have provided proper light effect in the office then it would give you the opportunity to clearly view the office space and can make the amendments when any needed.


The cleanliness gives the better look to your office space. If you having he clean office space then you can manage it well according to the situation, but if things are spread out here and there then you can’t even move inside your office. Hence the cleanliness is vital to manage the office space accurately.