Office Sitting Arrangements

Offices are the place where we spend the most of our time after the home. The office sitting must be comfortable and appropriate for working otherwise we won’t be able to work with more strength. The sitting arrangement can be crucial because it would be adding beauty to the office on the same side it would be allowing more employees to sit together for more productivity. If you don’t have the right sitting arrangement then it might give an ugly look and no more employees would be able to sit there, which ultimately decrease the production as well.

Calculating Space:

Calculate your given office space to make the decision that where you can make the sitting arrangements in your office. Calculate the number of employees of your office which would use the sitting facility. Make the list of the chairs, tables, desks, sofas and stools required for the office for sitting. Make a rough sketch of the items to be placed in what manner, consider it for some time and ask for an expert to give his suggestion about the sitting arrangement.

Equilibrium in Furniture:

office-seatingTry to have equilibrium in the use of furniture, don’t put too much furniture for sitting in the office that it becomes a hurdle for the employee to pass over form them, use the furniture according to the requirement and the space you have for that. If you were having not enough furniture in a large room or in the office so this would also give a worst look, so always try to make the equilibrium of the furniture. Have extra chairs for the guest’s arrival. Whenever they visit the office or some delegation comes for visit the office must have the capacity for their sitting. For that a seminar room or waiting room can be made in which the sitting arrangement can be done for them. Place more chairs in the meeting room, because many people can be called for the meeting. Place some extra chairs to the CEO room or head of office; if some people come to the CEO office for meeting they won’t have any difficulty. Place one extra chair in the cabins of the employees working alone or with a group, when some visitor comes might not have problem of sitting.

Flow of Movement:

Make your sitting arrangement in such a way that it provide a flow of movement. The employees should be able to move in the office easily. The sitting arrangement should not make hurdles for the employees to move inside the office.

Ergonomic Sitting:

Well making your sitting arrangements in the office the ergonomic factor is vital. The sitting must be ergonomic, use the furniture which is ergonomic. The ergonomic furniture would make relax to your employee and would make them energetic for more working. This is very important precaution to be taken while making the sitting arrangement for your office.


After making your sitting arrangements reconsider it, either it is providing the sitting facility which you aimed to do or it further needs some modifications. Ask the expert help if some modifications needed, make the modification according to the situation. Have critical look at every corner of the office that the sitting arrangements made here fit the office perfectly or not.