Effective Office Lighting Tips

No one can deny the importance of appropriate office lighting to help staff concentrate on their work and be more productive. A lot of companies spent too much funds to make sure that their employees get effective office lighting to help in their day to day working.

Here are some effective tips for office lighting:

1.     Task lighting:
To install lighting in the office building, the first tip for you is to have task lights on every desk in the office. A task light is also called a table lamp or reading lamp which is kept on the table and the light is pointed towards the books or documents on the table. For those who have weak eyesight, task light provides better comfort for reading without any difficulty. Although it is a responsibility of office administration to provide task lights to each employee in the office but most of the time, companies give a coupon to the employees so that they can buy table lamps of their own choice and preferences.

2.     Natural daylight:
Artificial lighting is very important in the office but you can’t ignore the importance of natural daylight. It is very important that an office building is accessible for the sunlight to enter and stay in the building as it is good from health and hygiene perspectives and also sets the moods for better performance. If you ask your employees, they will tell you that the time that they spend on the balcony in the sunlight, is very refreshing and they get the energy to work the remaining hours from that time. This explains that your office building should have big wide glass windows that will let the sunlight enter in the office building.

3.     Ceiling lighting:
In the same manner, artificial lighting is also very important and a modern office needs to have enough artificial lighting which is appropriate for the employees working in the office. It doesn’t seem to have any connection with the employee’s performance but there are dozens of researches that explain that lighting is something that affects the employee performance in a great way. If you install good, bright and cool ceiling lights in the office, you can see the results with your own eyes that it will enhance the performance in very short time.

Effective Office Lighting

4.     Install lights at the same height:
Usually office administration doesn’t take care of this fact and they install artificial lights wherever they want but you need to keep in mind that lighting has very deep impacts on the working of employees in the office. You can’t put the lights wherever you want but you need to come up with an idea to put all the lights on the ceiling, walls or corners of the office. This way, you if you decide to put lights on the ceiling, never put any light on the wall or in form of a lamp on the floor.

5.     Avoid direct eye contact lights:
There are some LED lights available in the market that consume less energy and give brighter light but when you install such a light in the ceiling or on the walls, you can see that it is directly pointed in the eyes and it makes impossible for the employees to work in normal routines while such bright lights are pointed in their eyes.