Media Company: How to Layout a Media Company Office?

The media company broadcasts the electronic and print media to the several viewers. The media company would be dealing many offices at one place. The offices working under Media Company would be responsible for the transmission of the media to the viewer. There are many companies that working in all forms of media like BBC, NBC and ABS-CBN Corporation.

Media Company Office Layout:

Making a media company would require a large place, because it would be managing many employees and huge set up would be required for the placement of the equipment to be used. Generally this would require a separate building or an apartment where the things easily can be placed. The main departments at the media company office would be:

Electronic Media Department

Print media Department:

The print media department includes managing the news papers, magazines, booklets, books and other broachers used for communication purposes. The office would be having the editors the writers and the publisher team for the publishing of the specific media. Place a large table for the writers to be sit together to share their ideas about some relevant subject. The written material is presented to the editor for the approval whenever some writers make any. The work flows through the cooperation of these all.

Media Company Office Layout

Electronic Media Department:

The electronic media department would be having these following categories in it.

Radio Broadcasting

Television Broadcasting


Radio Broadcasting:

For radio broadcasting a separate office would be established, which would further be having the recording and broadcasting sections. In recording the programs would be getting record and would make them record on some medium. The broadcasting would be broadcasting the radio transmission by using some relevant frequency. The radio broadcasting would require some of the antenna’s to be placed at the roof of the media company to broad cast the signal, so placing the radio broadcasting at the top floor of your office would give you the advantage to take care of the equipments used for the radio broadcasting.

Television Broadcasting:

The television broadcasting is hence a largest and powerful medium of the decade. The television broadcasting section would be responsible for broadcasting the television transmission. The transmission can be recorded before it is transmitted but it can be transmitted with the run time.


The media companies provide two facilities regarding internet:

Internet Service Provider

Internet Services

Some of the media companies provide the internet service, while other provides internet services. The media company makes their transmission on net through live and telecast broadcasting. For providing the internet facilities it would just need the installment of a server and updating the data on the company website regularly.

Structural Look:

The structural look of a media company can be having many rooms inside its building. The office can be divide into two main parts one from the print media department and second for the electronic media department. The top floor of the media company would be mashed with the antennas for the broadcast of transmission.