Office Reception: Key Elements to Keep in Mind

Office reception creates an image in the client or customers mind when they reach to the office for buying or inquiring about some product. The office reception puts the first impression on the client so this can be very decisive putting the right impression in the clients mind.
Guidelines for Office Reception:


The office reception is very significant, because putting the right impression through calls and meeting can help out you to increase your business. If the office reception is failed to put right impression then it could damage your business badly.

Greeting the Clients/Visitor:

When any client or visitor enters in the office premises, it is the responsibility of the receptionist to make a warm welcome, even if he or she is busy at the moment. The receptionists have to make realize that the client is having its own importance. The response should be quick as possible form the receptionist when some new client comes in or makes the call. They delay in the response could put a negative impression.

Client/ Visitor’s Information:

Office Reception LayoutWhen some client makes a call to the office or comes to office about some of its queries, then first thing is to do is getting information about the client. Jotting his name and complete record, if he has come to meet some personnel of the office then checking either its appointment is made and if the appointment is not made then making his appointment and guiding the client how to proceed. Inform the client or visitor that he or she would be visiting the personnel shortly.

Clear Voice Complete Advice:

Response the client calls and queries with clear voice. The voice of the receptionist must be crystal clear, which would be easily hear and understand by the client or caller when inquiring some thing. Make the comprehensive advice to the client and guide them accurately that at the end of your conversation there should not be remain any query in the client’s mind. Client satisfaction is most important in office reception if you have satisfied the client then you would be getting earnings form the customer, but if you are failed t o satisfy the client then you must loss a potential customer.


T o make the visitor or client feel relax ask them to have a glass of water or cup of tea while waiting. This would show the hospitality of your organization and it will put a positive effect in the client’s mind.

Professionalism and Practical Stress:

Professional and practical approach is most important asset for the office receptionist, because the reception gives the initial introduction of your organization to the client.  The receptionist should be very professional and practical; he or she must be having the capacity to deal with several clients at the same time.  Dealing multiple clients can put some stress and pressure, the receptionist must be able to deal all the pressure and stress and accommodate the clients with great patience and piece of mind. Single mistake can cause a bad result for the organization. The role of office reception becomes crucial when dealing with stress.


As the office reception gives an introduction to the client, therefore the receptionist must be trained before he or she start working as receptionist. The companies offer training for their employees and after making them train then they let them to work as receptionist.