Small Office Decoration Ideas

Although it seems an easy job to decorate a small office but when you talk to the professional designers, you will find out that the less space you have to decorate, the more complicated and difficult the job is. This happens because when you have more than enough or very large space to decorate, it’s very easy to put ideas together and combine more than one or even two themes in one place but when you have very short space for office decoration, you need to think about all the ideas several times and then you will decide about how to decorate it and there are possibilities that you will change those ideas many times after starting the decoration process just because you can’t like the ideas that you were thinking before.

Small Office Decoration

Here we are going to share some good small office decoration ideas with you:

1.     Painted corner office with maple wood:
This is a very great and creative idea especially when you have a small space in any corner in your office or home. With this unique idea, you can decorate an additional office without worrying about requiring large space. Here you can use maple wood panels to create cabinets that will go on the walls of the office and you can use entire four walls or as much you want. If you need less cabinet space, it’s okay to have 1 series of cabinets and leaving the space above the cabinet and in between the ceiling empty but when you need more space to keep hundreds of files, you can put another series of cabinets that will touch the ceiling. In the same manner, you can make a plain maple wood table that will be attached with the wall under the cabinets leaving around 2-3 feet space empty. Here you can put your computer or laptop and other office equipments i.e. printer, scanner and fax machine.

2.     Nantucket is So Cal:
This is again a very good and unique idea for small office decoration especially when you only have two walls and a very small space available. It is better if one of those two walls have a window of any size that you can use to have a great view and natural daylight in the office room. Here you can use the long side of the room for putting series of cabinets and under that, you can arrange for a wall mounted office desk on which you will put your printer, scanner and fax machine. For your computer or laptop, you will need to install another small wall mounted table under the window. This way, you won’t need artificial light in the day time in order to work on the computer.

3.     Pacific Avenue:
This is a great idea if you don’t need too much cabinet space to put your files and folders. This way you can arrange for a wall mounted table for two or three walls of the room and under that table, you can install readymade cabinets for keeping your files and other stuff. This way, you can enjoy the ceiling light and fan very effectively and the upper side of the room will look very wider too.