Dental Office Layout: Tips & Guidelines

The dental office provides the all dental treatments and precautions to be taken by the patients to avoid the teeth diseases. The dental office must provide an organized and technically sound business atmosphere so that the patients realize that it is not only a place to heal my disease but a better place as well. The dental office can be set up according to the space you have for your office, try to have a sufficient place to balance your office needs. The common dental office can be consisting of the following rooms in it:

Reception Room:

The reception room should be placed at the entrance of the dental office. Try to make a room for reception or it can be built in the entrance hall as well. The priority of the receptionist in the dental office is first, so everything would be next to it. The responsibilities of the receptionist are to get the data from the patient, to make his appointment with the dentist and direct him to the right room where he has to go.

Consultation Room:

dental office layoutThe consultation room comes after the reception room. The receptionist sends the patient to the consultant after getting information about the patient. The consultant dentist takes the patient under his observation and makes his remarks and suggests the medicine or the operation treatment.

Operation Room:

The operation room is built right after consultant rooms. Because when a consultant takes under observation and declares some treatment, then the patient is send to the operation room for his require treatment. In operation room the treatment is done according to the diseases. The interior of the operation room can give you advantage on others dental offices if it is good enough to facilitate the patient. Take very care while placing the equipment in the operation room. The equipment placed in it should make the operation easy and free from errors.

Waiting and Rest rooms:

Waiting rooms and rest rooms are place after the operation rooms. The patients after getting the treatments are then shifted in the rest room for the passage of time. The waiting rooms are made near to the rest room; the patients wait here for their appointments with the dentist or wait their turn for the operation.

X-Ray Room:

The X-Ray rooms provide the facility to take the X-Ray image of the defected part. The X-Ray rooms are placed near the consultant room to give the reports to the consulted dentist about the patient.

Dental Supplies Room:

The room which would be having the dental supplies in it should be made at the end of the office or at some side place of the office. It would keep the dental medicines and equipment used in the operations would be placed in it.

Fee Charges Room:

The fee charges rooms are made at the middle of the office. After paying the charges the patient can get the desired treatment and medicine.

Staff room:

Make one staff room for the dentist staff. It can be made at any location in the dental office. The staff of dental office can sit here and share their experiences with each other.